Submission Guidelines- Tax Laws Club

  1. The central theme of the article should deal with Taxation Law/Policy, and includes allied areas of law such as economic offences and white-collar crime as well. Please go through the posts on our website to get an idea of what this entails.
  2. The article must be submitted through the form below. Kindly refer to it for further detailed requirements.
  3. Submissions should be accompanied by a short summary (1-2 lines) of the article. Articles may be co-authored.
  4. Kindly do not send articles you may have submitted to another platform.

Word Limit & Formatting:

  1. The article must not exceed 2000 words. The Editorial Board may be flexible with the word limit according to individual articles. The Editorial Board may also allow multi-part series in case of lengthier submissions.
  2. All references must be hyperlinked in the body of the text. In case no online source is available for reference, footnotes may be used.

Author Details:

  1. Submissions shall necessarily contain the following: Name of Author, Year of Study (if applicable), Institution/Organisation of affiliation, Short Bio (about 40-50 words), an optional LinkedIn reference.

Review Process:

  1. Submissions to the Blog will be acknowledged through an automated receipt received on your email. If an automated receipt is not generated within 48 hours of your submission, please do e-mail us.
  2. After this, TLC follows a two-step review process. In the first stage, the Student Editorial Board will undertake a preliminary review of the submission and notify rejection or provisional acceptance to the authors; this may take around 7 days from the receipt of the article. If the submission is accepted after the preliminary review, it is then reviewed by our Editorial Board before publication, which can take up to 14 days after receipt of the article. However, as the process also includes the incorporation of feedback from the author’s end and may include multiple stages of review, the complete process may take up to 20-30 days in total, from the day of submission.
  3. Final acceptance will be communicated only after the changes have been made. The editorial board has complete discretion to reject submissions at any stage.

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